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Insurance that creates wealth.

Only Kenbright protects you with a life insurance policy at no extra cost.


Collinson Smart Health

Exceptional insurance, assistance and travel solutions.


We insulate you from the risk of a major claims event.

Financial Services

Actuarial Services and Enterprise Risk Management Services

Our Mindset is to take care of you!

We have walked a personal journey with our clients as we provide customized solutions in the retail & corporate sector. Our experience is based on our clients evolving needs.

Financial Security

We answer the what, the who and why questions in the Financial Services.

Wealth Protection

We provide advise on Investments with well established partners.

Income Protection

We source available solutions to protect you and your loved ones.

Car Insurance

Kenbright provides the best & most competitive rates in the region.

Travel Insurance

We provide affordable travel insurance cover for your next business or personal trip.

Health Insurance

The best Health Insurance in the region is reserved and tailor made for your needs.

Save Your Money with Vehicle Insurance!

*New Low Rates in UG
We provide a comprehensive list of tailor made motor insurance!

Get Kenbright Travel Insurance

*Best Rates in UG
Alico is a provider of low-cost car insurance in USA. We offer a variety of discounts.

Live healthy with Kenbright Health!

*Affordable Healthcare in UG
Through our partners we provide the most comprehensive health care plans!

Some of our service Partners & Clients

Kenbright boasts 25+ years of experience. Over the years we have amassed critical partnerships that play a key role in providing optimum products for our clients within the East and Central African Region!

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Partners & Clients in East & Central Africa

We are open to partner with you!
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